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Closeouts are last-chance sales of expired domain names before they are dropped by Godaddy. Priced at between $5 and $11 plus the cost of registration, they are the cheapest way to obtain quality aged domains with the original registration date intact.

25,000 domains are added to the closeout section on any given day. Going through the list can be very time consuming. Especially since Godaddy only lists the domain name and some basic traffic stats. The most important part of information, the registration date, is not listed. To make things even more challenging, Godaddy only allows ICANN accredited registrars to do unlimited whois lookups on their whois servers.

Every day we download the list of domains offered in the Closeout Auctions and using our distributed network of modified whois servers we look up the registration dates. For only $ 39.99 USD / Month you can download these lists in easy to use Microsoft Excel files. As a free bonus, you also get PR, mozRank, Domain Auhtoriy and link data.

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